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18 Ways to Earn Money Online from google without investment for student

Google online jobs without investment for students this word was too important for human life because in this world without money can't go to happen anythings.

Because in day to day life money was begin more important for everyone so this was a simple reason why money is too much important.

Simply we all know why and how much money was important for us. But in these cases, one Question was generated that google online jobs without investment for students.

So far and if we talk about our country's then there were many works are available which pay good revenue.

But many of you who really want to earn money but don't know how and from where to start and earn money from online means ways how to make money online.

So, please don't worry about that I will guide you which was better work for you to earn more money.

Top 18 ways to make money online

1. Start blogs

One of the most important ways how to make money online was blogging, If you are interested in writing then you can easily earn money by starting a blog.

You can create your website through any particular blog platform and start writing your content on your website.

Before starting a website to post your article you have to select one category like Cooking, Technology, Health & Fitness, Gaming and other whatever you would like and want to post.

After getting Google Adsense approval for your blog website you can earn a lot of money.

2. Create a YouTube Channel

If we talk about google online jobs without investment for students then in these cases YouTube comes under a great platform that was most popular and used all over the world.

And it's all possible by a video creator who creates videos and uploads it on YouTube for earning money.

So if you are interested in to create videos then you can earn a lot of money for this you just create your YouTube channels and start uploading videos according to your selected category.

Yes, you have to select one category like Education, Gaming, Comedy, facts knowledge, and others.

3. Start Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing was an easy and instant way to earn money means if we talk about how to make money online faster.

I thought that Affiliate marketing comes under position #1. Because this work was easy if you have a social media account and have good followers.

And in another best way to earn money from Affiliate marketing you can create your own e-commerce website and start selling by linking the product with your affiliate account.

You can join an affiliate with some famous companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, and others.

4. Become Network marketing

Network marketing was famous for providing a lot of money if you success in network marketing then in your full life you will never get problem-related money.

Because once you success on that then you have at least that much money by which you can make your own companies.

To start Network marketing and earn money from there, then you can join some famous company that was 100% secure like IMC which was medical care companies.

You can join according to your category as you can start Network marketing on Education, e-commerce, and others.

5. Become Domain trader

Nowadays all over the world become digital and for this reason, everything going online and we know that to go online needs a website.

And in a per-day million of the website are selling, so why not we can earn money from there by using simple tricks which were fully secure and safe.

So to earn money from Domain trader you have to make your mind smarter because you are going to earn millions of dollars.

For this, you have to research some Companies, School, Hotel with there Brand name which was going to a building.

And buy that Domain name according to your target name and when there come to you for buying that domain name you can sell it and earn money.

6. Work on Captcha

One of the most easier and instant ways to make money online and from here you can earn unlimited money weekly or monthly.

To earn money from captcha you just solve the captcha for any particular captcha solver website and companies.

If you want to start and become a captcha solver to earn a lot of money by working something 2-3 hours a day.

Then you have to select a 100% secure and safe web platform that can pay your payment on time. I highly recommended you to work on Captcha Club.

7. Become freelancer

Freelancing was a personal way to earn money with google without investment from here you can earn $millions of dollars if you have a few skills.

Just like web designing, App development, game development and any other skill which was very important to work on freelancing.

Because on freelancing you will work for others who will hire you, to start earning money from freelancing you have to select a good freelancing website.

Some famous freelancing website was,, and

8. Develop a mobile app

App development was a great and professional way to earn money online here you earn a lot of money by creating a simple app and upload it on Google play store and Apps store.

After that try to famous that app and make a download to earn more money.

It all depends on your design that how much you customize your app and how much interesting so people who download they enjoy your app.

And also you can design your app without Coding and this was great for that person who wants to create an app but doesn't know to code.

9. Sells your Photo's

If you are interested in photoshoot then you can easily earn a lot of money by selling your image on any particular Companies and a website who really needs that photo to run her business.

But for all this, you have to click a beautiful image.

So those companies on where you want to sell your photo there like your photo's at one look and you will get more benefits from them.

If you start working Photo seller work then, I highly recommended you to work on,, and Adobe stock.

10. Sell education

Sell education was the best Question on how to make money online because of everybody sells the education then only they earn a lot of money, not anything else.

You just think that why should we study for this Q only one answer that was to share the knowledge with others.

And start earning some money by sharing the knowledge but if we go offline then too much time waste.

So on this one great solution was that sells your skill online by joining some skillshare platform like,, and many others.

11. Become Olx seller

If you have a Mobile as well as a computer then, I really hope that you will know about OLX because it was topmost Platform to sell your used product and buy anything from there.

But even you thing that you can start your business on OlX and earn money from there.

While I say that this was the best answer to the question of how to quickly make money.

Because from here you can start your earning in a very short time by reselling an Olx product again on Olx, you just buy a product from Olx and again sell it on Olx at a high amount.

12. Join shorten link

Hey, are you looking for a website from where you can shorten any link and get views on that and easily make money more then 200$ per month by working something 1-2 hours in a day?

Then shorten links were the best way to make money online, but for this, you have to select a great website.

So when you shorten any link and get views on that then the website really gets paid to you.

So in these cases, I recommended you some websites where you can work and easily make money online like,,, and

This was a website where you will get more than 5$ per 1000 views on your shorten link.

13. Join PTC site

(Paid to click) PTC sites were the best way to make money online if you want to earn more extra income at less time then you can join any trusted PTC sites.

In PTC sites you will earn money by clicking on ads something 10 to 15 second and by reading it.

So if you are interested in PTC and want to join then you just try to find some website that really paid high (Cost per click) CPC.

But I find some website that really provides high CPC that was,,,

14. Become a content writer

The content writing was the best and professional ways to earn money online if you are interested in writing article and able to write more then thousand-word per day.

Then you can easily start making money online and offline but, I suggest you work online.

By writing content on any topic you will earn more than 50$ per day but for this, you have a piece of good knowledge of the language on which you are writing.

And you think that you can do it and start today for this you can join some website like,, and

15. Work on an online survey

If you have some free time and you want to invest that time in a good place so you can earn some money from there than an online survey was a great way to make extra income by using that free time.

In online surveys, you can play just like a game.

Because here you will get some tasks per day and you have to solve those tasks so you can make money online by using an online survey.

For this, you can work on a fully trusted and secure website, so you can't suffering from any problem.

So in these cases, I highly recommended you to work on,, and

This was a website where I already work its pay in a large amount and a great website to earn in a short time because tasks were too much easy.

16. Join social media

In your daily life, you will spend your time on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

But even you think that you can earn money from there by working something less than 1-2 hours.

But for this all you have to select one category on social media, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others.

And on that, you have to gain a good amount of followers, because you are going to some Promote companies who need your support.

And by working on a Sponsored ship you can earn a lot of money from social media. If I talk about me than I, target one social media that was Instagram,

On Instagram, I will spend my time to gain followers and earn money from social media.

17. Become a translator

In India and many other countries where the richest people and companies need people who know some special languages like Arabic, French, Italian, Greek, and many more languages.

And they will pay the highest range of amount on translate per word something 10 Rs in India. So here you have two options to work with translating either Online and offline.

But if you want to work online then some website is available which provides you to work with your choice Jobs like,,

In this website's you can work translating jobs and make money online because it's all websites are fully trusted and secure with your payment.

18. Become a Developer

Hey, are looking for a Job's which pays you millions of the dollars then developing was the best high paying career on your life. They are many options for developing that you can choose your best.

Some high paying and famous development were Web Development, Game Development, Software development, Animation development and many more which was available for you.

So in these cases, you have to learn anyone's development and start to making millions of dollars. Because after becoming an expert on any development you have many career option which pays high.