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What is Domain name - Domain name - Beginner's guide

Domains definition

What is a Domain name - DNS (Domain name system) is named by which any website will be identified on the internet. If we talk about any website then it will run through IP (Internet Protocol Address) It was a numerical address that gives a direction to the internet show they can find any website from any browser.

Example Domain name
Techupwork domain name is 

How domain name work?

I hope you understand that what is DNS (Domain name system) But you know how domain name work. So actually our domain name was work through IP (Internet Protocol Address) like 125.215.365.25 which computer easily understands.

But there was one problem created that all the humans can't able to learn IP (Internet Protocol Address) because it was a number and everybody want to call anyone with his name.

So on (1983) Paul Mockapetris who discovered DNS (Domain name system) and from that day IP was shown in a name just like our website IP 124.582.365.52 but now we simply called by

How domain name work It was very important to know how does it will work. So it was very easy when anyone searches our website on the Internet through any browser like (Chrome, Mozilla, Internet, Opera, Uc browser)

Then web server checks the IP address of that site, domain name means URL where all the files and data are storage means on Web Hosting. After that, you will redirect on the main web page means on the Website home page.

Different types of Domin name

  • TLD (Top Level Domain)

  • CCTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain)

TLD (Top Level Domain)

TLD (Top Level Domain) we also know it by Internet Domain Extension It was the last part of website URL means if my website name then .com was TLD (Top Level Domain) which was SEO (Search engine optimization) friendly and easy to rank a website on google.

Some Top-level domain

  • .com (Commercial)

  • .org (Organization)

  • .net (Network)

  • .info (Information)

  • .gov (Government)

  • .edu (Education)
CCTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain)

CCTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain) This type of a domain name was selected by a particular country like if I live in India then I select. In and if anyone from the US then they select .us but this was not selected by everyone some biggest companies who kept this domain.

Some Country Code Top-level domain

  • .In (India)

  • .Us (United state)

  • .Br (Brazil)

  • .Cn (China)

  • .ru (Russia)

What is a Subdomain?

I hope that now you understand what is a domain name but you know what is Subdomain if you don't know than in simple language, it was also just like a domain name but it was come almost free you can't pay any amount for that when you buy TLD (Top level domain) then subdomain will also purchase with you (Top-level domain) but in free.

What is the used of Subdomain?

It will be used to make your website double by a different name, Just example I have my website name it was my TLD (Top Level Domain) So if I want to create my Subdomain. Then something like this and and more whatever I want and almost you by your Domain name.

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