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What is Web Hosting - Web hosting- Beginner guide

What is web hosting It was very important to know you that about web hosting if you want to run a website and become a successful blogger with a piece of correct knowledge.

So today in this article you will get all the information about web hosting mean what is web hosting and how does it will work on the Internet.

What is Web Hosting?

If I say you in a simple language then web hosting was storage on where you store your website files, data and Important documents by which your site will run on the internet.

So if your files are deleted some time by mistake from your blog then you can recover it from web Hosting Cpanel which was available on from where you buy a domain name.

Web hosting was very important for your website because it keeps your website secure and safe with a hacker, virus and other problem.

So it was better for you that you have to buy a web hosting when you buy a domain name because both are too much important for starting a professional website where you do a blog as well as business.

How does Web Hosting work?

When you start a blog then only for some region that you want to share your knowledge with others and second to earn money but for all this first you have to submit your files and data on Hosting to take your website online through the Internet.

After submitting your site on the web hosting then your website was ready to go online, So when anyone searches your website through a web browser like (Chrome, Internet, Mozilla, Opera, Bing) and with more than the targeted website will open.

Just if you type with any browser then it redirects you to my website which was it all will possible through web hosting.

Means when anyone types a domain name then Internet-connect it with web server where your files and data are available means with your web hosting.

So now whatever files and data have on your hosting that will be shown that person computer/mobile who visit on your site.

Types of Web Hosting

  1. Shared Web Hosting
  2. VPS (Virtual Private Server)
  3. Dedicated Hosting
  4. Cloud Hosting

Shared Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting by the name of shared we understand that Web Hosting which we can share with each other. 

Just example to explain clearly If you visit any other state or a country from your home to study and you don't have a home in that city where you go for study.

Then you will live at a rent and on that rent some people who lived with you in some room so in this you share your room.

Just like this only on shared web hosting where was only one server that was shared with everyone.

VPS (Virtual Private Server)

VPS (Virtual Private Server) was hosting which was totally yours none of the others. I mean that on shared web hosting you shared your hosting with each other, but on VPS (Virtual Private Server) you can't share your hosting with anyone like shared web hosting.

It was great for that website where it comes to a lot of traffic, So VPS (Virtual Private Server) easily managed your traffic and secure with a crash.

So I recommended you to try it if your website traffic was high as a beginner you can start with Shared web hosting.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting was a very powerfull Hosting and high in price and it was used for business where millions of traffic will come per month like amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, this was an e-commerce website who used Dedicated Hosting and much more company who used it.

Dedicated Hosting was very fast as while as her server and it was used in a single website, which was really great but you can also have to pay a high amount.

Because you are not shared your hosting with anyone and another reason is that it was very fast which better for your business website.

From where to buy web hosting?

Web hosting was very important I hope that you know it properly but I know that many of you want to buy web hosting but you have confused about that from where to buy web hosting.

Before I say that you can buy a domain name from HostGator but you can Buy web hosting from any other companies following below.

  1. Hostgator
  2. Godaddy
  3. Domain
  4. Namecheap
  5. Bluehost

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