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What is a blog and how does it will work?

What is a blog and how does it will work

 Hey, are you finding that what is a blog and how does it will work then stay here only to know full details and continually read it?

What is a blog?

If I will talk about the blog then the blog was a content platform where we will write an article and post it on the internet. 

For this, we will use some free platform to create a blog like a, and many more but all are recommended us. To use these two platforms only to create a blog.

So this all about what is a blog and if you want to create a blog then you can use a blogger as a beginner and after that, if you want then go on WordPress. 

What is a blog used for?

Now you already know that what is a blog but did you know that what is used of the blog. Then Questions of this answer were very easy that if you create a blog that means website.

And on that website, you will write an article and obviously when you write an article then you have to rank them on google and another search. So you can earn lot of money from blog.

And also generate more and more Audience for your website, so this was only used of the blog that you have to grain more and more audience on blog and write an article to earn money from Google Adsense.

Blogger is paid or free?
Many of you always Question that blogger will be paid or free then, I want to say you that blogger was provided us free website but with the watermark. 

Mean if I want to create one website on blogger with the name example then blogger can't provide us or It will provide

How to start earning money from blogging?

To start money from blogging you have to write a good article on any one niche so, on your new website some good great visitors and traffic will increase. 

And when traffic will come on your website it's become easy to make money from blogging with google AdSense. 

Because Google AdSense will a great platform to earn money by placing the ads on your website.

So make sure that you will write an article long somethings more than 600 words. So you can easily rank on Google and other search engines.

And also work on anyone niche means to select your categories like I'm working on Technology. 

But if you want then you will work on health & fitness, cooking and on anything which you want. 

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